Established: 2003
Location: 12 Church Road Moorebank, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Size: 15,000 square meters (approximately 3 Acres or 30,700 square feet).
Employees: 150+ Full Time, 30 Part Time (average).
Up to 3 shifts per day / dependant on production requirements.

Monthly Capacity:

  • 150 million Soft Gel Capsules
  • 80 million Solid Dose Tablets and Hard Capsules
  • 80 thousand litres Liquids / Creams
  • 180 thousand units  - Infant Formula
  • 750 thousand units  - Packaging

Raw Material Dispensing

Sphere uses the 3WS Wayahead Dispensing system which manages all aspects of the raw material weighing process. We recognise the importance of precise accuracy and reduced human error when dispensing your products ingredients.
This core functionality covers Lot Number bar code scanning, then electronic balance selection and regular calibration. Once the balance is selected, the user weighs the empty container Tare weight, then proceeds to weighing to the target quantity. A graphic colour display, moving from Yellow (low) to Green (OK) to Red (high) assists the operator to weigh to the required level.

All data recorded via Wayahead is then interfaced back into our main SAP MRP system

Solid Dose Tablet Production

Sphere Healthcare's large capacity granulation, tableting and coating facilities manufacture a broad range of tablet products.  A variety of product technologies and configurations are available including sustained release, chewable, sublingual delivery and novelty shapes with tablet coating options ranging from film to enteric coating.  Sphere Healthcare has an extensive formulary of tablets containing vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics and various other nutraceutical ingredients.

Soft Gelatin Production

Sphere has established itself as the market leader in producing complex slurries where traditional Vitamin and Mineral products are combined within an oil matrix such as Fish Oil or Krill oil. Our equipment is specifically designed to cater for these new dosage formats with unique dye tooling to ensure seem integrity and strength are optimised.

Combining these ingredients with an oil requires complex skill sets within our laboratory to isolate and identify the actives so that the label claims are upheld. Sphere commitment to quality sees us test the liquid medicine mix both pre and post encapsulation to measure uniformity and correct active medicine mix loads. 

Our Dynomill process allows for the reduction in dry particle size on complex slurries without degrading the volatile active components due to excessive heat that would normally occur in a standard milling process.

Sphere current capabilities also include simple straight fish oils with reflux masking in sizes up to 2000mg. 

Liquids and Creams

If you are searching for a complementary liquid and/or creams manufacturer that is dedicated to providing you with a superior liquid or cream product that stands out in the market, look no further than Sphere Healthcare.

All of our liquid and cream manufacturing takes place in a state-of-the-art, GMP-certified facility, which assures you of a final product that more than meets your quality expectations. And unlike other liquid or cream manufacturers in the industry, our products have the full potential to meet your customer's demands. 

Whether you are a start-up or an established company looking to manufacture a new product or improve an existing formula, the liquid and cream specialists at Sphere Healthcare are ready to help you with all of your manufacturing needs.


Canning Line

All ingredients that come into the factory need to meet our strict quality guidelines and are tested to ensure compliance with these standards. Our fully integrated supply chain and quality system ensures product traceability of all ingredients minimising risk to the end consumers.

All dairy products are manufactured using strict TGA and GMP guidelines set out by the governing food authority, NSW and DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry), Australia.

All dairy products manufactured at Sphere are tested in NATA certified laboratories and released for sale /export with a full test report and export documents to meet regulatory compliance.

All products exported from Australia need to have a Health Cert/E cert to leave the country issued by DAFF or AQIS Australia All labels need to be compliant with the FSANZ even if being exported and not sold in Australia along with meeting the requirements .The manufacturer/packer/distributor exporting needs to have an AQIS Establishment Number and the same needs to be printed at the bottom of the cans for traceability. All regulatory requirements for the importing country e.g. Micro testing , Cert of origin etc needs to be accompanied with the shipment for clearance.


Sphere Healthcare has approximately 5,000 square meters of storage split into 11 separate warehouses.

  • Main Warehouse

  • Soft Gel Staging

  • Packaging Storage

  • Label Room

Each Warehouse is monitored for temperature and humidity ensuring all our raw materials are kept within manufacturers storage guidelines. There are approximately 5,200 individually bar-coded storage bays so stock can be efficiently placed and tracked. Safety in our warehouses is paramount and we comply to all Work Health and Safety guidelines.  We use camera surveillance throughout the interior and exterior of the buildings. Fire and Burglar alarms are installed and we are security patrolled.

Inventory Control and Storage

SAP Warehouse Management is used to manage our inventory of materials and finished products. Every item that enters our facility is bar-coded and electronically tracked from Goods Receipt through Quality Testing onto Material Dispensing / finished goods.  We practice first-in-first-out cycling of inventory.  Whether we are storing ingredients or your finished products, great care is taken to ensure we are storing your materials and products according to the appropriate specifications for temperature, humidity, bioburden and other relevant specifications