Our Process

One of the strengths of Sphere Healthcare continues to be the sourcing and development of its staff, the human resource of the business. The senior management team boasts over 100 years of manufacturing experience across the nutraceutical, food and veterinary sectors, making it one of the most experienced management teams in the industry. Sphere is active at an industry level and actively contributes to both organisations, as well as having members participate in joint industry/governmental task forces such as OICG.

Below is our processes from idea to production:

We work in partnership on strategies and initiatives to create opportunities that enhance revenue and success in your business.

Sphere is constantly working to maintain knowledge of world markets with regard product and raw material trends, along with commercial aspects, to ensure the company is at the forefront of both technology and pricing in the local and international markets.

It is this emphasis by senior management, on quality across the business, which makes Sphere a business that is constantly evolving to maintain a premium product and service to its customers and stay a step ahead of its competitors.