Cultural Philosophy

We achieve success through close collaboration with partners who share a common vision and complementary strengths. Sphere Healthcare's key priority across all divisions builds quality-led innovations.

Sphere Healthcare's collaborative culture and responsible business approach attract top experts in many areas – research and development, marketing and sales, finance and administration. Sphere Healthcare is committed to rewarding the people who invest their ideas and their time in our company.

Sphere Board

Sphere Healthcare was purchased in January 2018 by Weibao Group whose headquarters are based in Hangzhou, China. The Chairman of Sphere Healthcare, Mr Xing Jun Yu (Branson Yu), is based in Hangzhou along with Mr Shao Shengrong, who has been appointed as the Chief Representative of the Board. Other Directors of Sphere Healthcare at the Hangzhou headquarters include Ms Xie Yanjing with Mr Zhigui Wang located in Australia at our Moorebank factory.