Cultural Philosophy

We achieve success through close collaboration with partners who share a common vision and complementary strengths. Sphere Healthcare's key priority across all divisions builds quality-led innovations.

Sphere Healthcare's collaborative culture and responsible business approach attract top experts in many areas – research and development, marketing and sales, finance and administration. Sphere Healthcare is committed to rewarding the people who invest their ideas and their time in our company.

Management Team

Peter Kissane - Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kissane, as Chief Executive Officer has been tasked with the turnaround of the business and the execution of a strategic plan to deliver growth outside of the Australian Complementary Medicines market and to put in place measures to achieve an increase in Sphere Healthcare revenues and profitability. While firmly committed to serving the Complementary Medicine and Nutritional Supplements industries in Australia, a change in the ownership of Sphere at the beginning of 2018 has opened opportunities for Sphere to also manufacture products for Asian and particularly Chinese markets. Peter’s experience in those markets will assist Sphere to position itself as a provider of quality products to that region.

Peter has over 40 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Complementary Medicines industries, having previously held positions at Sphere Healthcare from 2011 to 2015. Peter has also held senior positions with several pharmaceutical companies including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, The Institute of Drug Technology and Nicholas Kiwi. His roles have included responsibility for Quality, New Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, R&D, Production, and regional responsibilities across Asia and India.