Sphere Healthcare prides itself on its ability to develop new products to suit customer requirements, with NPD providing unique product concepts and R&D able to manufacture laboratory scale and pilot scale batches for customer evaluation or stability trials. A formulation library of products also provides local and international clients with a wide range of market ready products including vitamin, mineral and herbal formulations.

Sphere offers a comprehensive cGMP stability testing program compliant to ICH guidelines. Our state of the art stability chambers are equipped with automated monitoring systems and data logging to facilitate constant surveillance.

Walk in chambers are available for all standard ICH conditions, and stand alone chambers for specialised conditions. We offer standard ongoing and accelerated stability as well as flexible tailored stability programmes to meet specific customer requirements.

Data from each time point is comprehensively evaluated and reported and subject to thorough “out of specification” / “out of trend” investigations as required. Comprehensive analytical method development and validation capabilities support stability testing

New Product Development

New product development is an essential activity for all business. In an industry that is changing fast, companies must continually review their range of products and formulations to ensure that they adapt to the ever-evolving clinical research and consumer trends. The new product development process begins with an idea and ends with the successful launch of the product. 

Our product development team includes naturopaths, food technologists, pharmacists and chemists. Equipped with essential tools, Sphere product development team can assist with all aspects of product development process in a cost and timely manner according to your requirements. Stage gate process is utilised to ensure that new products are manufactured correctly first time around and delivered in a timely manner. These services include:

  • Idea or concept generation
  • Market trends information
  • Formulation development
  • Formulation improvement
  • Product transfer
  • Trial and placebo batches
  • Finished product launches 

Research & Development 

Sphere's Research & Development (R&D) plays a pivotal role in the business. With highly experienced and competent team, Sphere is well known for its ability to manufacture high quality complex products. The dedicated R&D laboratory and machines are available for the team to carry out a bench trial or production trial for every new product before going into full scale manufacturing. This ensures that new products get manufactured correctly and with the most efficient methods. 

Sphere's R&D team are also available to carry out flavour development work and produce product samples or prototypes which are often important for client presentations.


Highly experienced in pharmaceutical testing, our laboratories are equipped to respond to the increased demand pharmaceutical testing. Fully versed in pharmacopoeial testing, including, EP and USP, Sphere Healthcare is GMP compliant TGA inspected. Our strong customer focus is led by our Customer Service and Sales Team.

Regular meetings and audits with our customers are encouraged. These are reinforced with regular customer service calls which provide valuable feedback enabling us to maintain a total quality service. Responsive to our customers, the team is committed to delivering a tailor made, one-stop service that is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the highest standard of service at all times. At Sphere Healthcare we offer a cost effective quality service, tailored to your individual and specific needs. We Provide:

  • Fast, efficient turn around of results
  • Complete client confidentiality
  • Independent testing and advice
  • Fast and flexible response to your needs